First and foremost, the number one rule with the readathon is:

Baby you can do whatever you like.

Truly, if this gets your owned TBR down, assume you can do it. Skip a prompt, read a library book, decide to interpret a prompt however you want to. This is your library you are working on, and how you do that is your choice.

Can I combine Prompts?

Yes! I don’t expect you to have 24 books to fit all of the prompts, and if you do, great, and if not, also okay!

Do I have to do “xyz”? Do I have to follow the schedule/do it in an order/etc?

Nope! This is very much a choose your own adventure with the prompts. If you don’t feel a prompt applies to anything you have or you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

Does this prompt mean *insert very specific meaning here*?

You can interpret the prompts however you feel necessary. For example, with the oldest book by publication date, I am using the publication for that specific edition.

Do we have to make TBR?


Is there a set schedule for the readathon?

Yes! It’s listed on the main clearurshit page!

Do audiobooks/ebooks/library books count or is it only purchased physical books?

All books, if you already own it, it counts.

How long does this last?

8 weeks for the main readathons, 1 month for the mini readathons.