First and foremost, the number one rule with the readathon is:

Baby you can do whatever you like.

Truly, if this gets your owned TBR down, assume you can do it. Skip a prompt, read a library book, decide to interpret a prompt however you want to. This is your library you are working on, and how you do that is your choice.

The readathon is intentionally not very complicated, and most of the information is available through the FAQ, previous twitter threads, the site or discord. Don’t overthink it!

How does this readathon even work? How do I find out?

Your best bet is to look through last year’s thread. The format of this readathon is three prompts are posted every week with their corresponding story parts. A summary of last year is that you were sent by the wizard to kill the library witch, thinking she cursed everyone, but it turns out the wizard framed her! You all were killed and sent to the afterlife. Narrator and the Library Witch (Ariadne) are working together to bring you back to life.

But wait, where are all the prompts?

The “mystery prompts” and “boss battles (mini or otherwise)” are not announced until their corresponding week. However, they are related to your character cards. They are optional, like all prompts.

When does this happen?

Each page on this site for the various events includes their schedule. Year One, 1.5, and Two are all linked here.

Why is it taking so long for (posting/responses/so on)?

This readathon is run by two individuals in two different time zones. We both work full time, as well as run this event. Please be patient with us!

Can I combine (or double up )Prompts?

Yes! I don’t expect you to have 24 books to fit all of the prompts, and if you do, great, and if not, also okay!

Do I have to do “xyz”? Do I have to follow the schedule/do it in an order/etc?

Nope! This is very much a choose your own adventure with the prompts. If you don’t feel a prompt applies to anything you have or you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

Does this prompt mean *insert very specific meaning here*?

You can interpret the prompts however you feel necessary. For example, with the oldest book by publication date, I am using the publication for that specific edition. Or, if it’s “read a book with water elements”, you could even say that if a character cries- that’s a water element. It counts.

Do we have to make TBR?

Nope! No set TBR required, and if you do make one, you don’t have to follow it later on. This falls heavily under the “do whatever you want” part of this.

Do audiobooks/ebooks/library books count or is it only purchased physical books?

All books, if you already own it, it counts.

How long does this last?

8 weeks for the main readathons, 1 month for the mini readathons.

Wait, I’m still lost!

You’re welcome to ask the Narrator on Twitter, or reach out on discord! I don’t promise that the Narrator is going to be nice, especially if your questions can be answered by doing a little more research on your end. But others participating in the readathon are very helpful!